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    17 Classrooms are available for theory classes in the campus. The airy and naturally lit classrooms provide the best ambience for the students to listen to the lectures. Projectors are available in most of the Classrooms that help the faculty to teach with presentations and videos that bring better understanding and clarity to the students.


    Below mentioned labs are available to assist in education:

    • Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
    • Engineering Physics Laboratory
    • Electrical Machines Laboratory
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory
    • Computer Laboratory
    • Engineering Practices Laboratory
    • Chemical Engineering Laboratory
    • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
    • Strength of Materials Laboratory
    • Dynamics Laboratory
    • Metallurgy and Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory
    • CAD/CAM Laboratory
    • Polymer Engineering Laboratory
    • Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
    • Plastics Testing Laboratory
    • Mould Engineering Laboratory
    • Plastics Processing Laboratory
    • Electrical Engineering and Measurement Laboratory
    • Organic Chemistry Laboratory

    The Plastics Testing Centre (PTC) of CIPET : IPT - Chennai is an NABL accredited laboratory, equipped with state of the art equipments and testing facilities and is recognized as one of the best testing laboratories in Asia. It renders its technical services to plastics industries and several Central & State government organizations through testing and quality assurance of plastic products and raw materials and third party inspection of plastics products. Some of the facilities available at PTC are as follows:

    • Color comparison test as per ASTM D 6290 (CIE Lab), Grey scale rating, Blue wool scale Haze, Luminous transmittance or Clarity of Plastic sheet as per ASTM D 1003 of transparent Plastics
    • Opacity as per ASTM D 589, ASTM D 7520
    • Specular Gloss as per ASTM D 2457
    • Yellowness index
    • Arc resistance as per ASTM D 495
    • Air delivery test for table fans as per IS:555
    • Comparative tracking index of solid insulating materials as per ASTM D 3638 & ASTM D 5288
    • Dielectric breakdown voltage and Dielectric strength as per ASTM D 149 (Max. Capacity: 100 kV)
    • Dielectric constant and dissipation factor as per ASTM D 150 using LCR meter (Max. frequency: 1 MHz)
    • Insulation resistance for electrical appliances as per IS:302-1, IS:555, IS:4250, IS:996
    • Surface resistivity of plastics as per ASTM D 257 using teraohmeter (Temp. range: -20°C to 50°C)
    • Torque testing of motors as per IS:996
    • Coefficient of linear thermal expansion as per ASTM D 696 (Temp. range: 20°C to 90°C)
    • Flammability as per ASTM D 635 & UL-94
    • Flow rate of thermoplastics (MFI) as per ASTM D 1238 & ISO 1133
    • Heat deflection temperature as per ASTM D 648 & ISO 75 (Upto 250°C)
    • Heat Release rate using Cone Calorimeter
    • Air delivery test for table fans as per IS:555
    • Oxidation induction time by DSC
    • Smoke Density Using Cone Calorimeter
    • Abrasion Resistance for plastics and rubber - Taber & Rotary drum as per ASTM D 1044 and ASTM D 5693 respectively
    • Barcol hardness as per ASTM D 2583
    • Burst strength of plastic films as per ISO 2578
    • Charpy impact strength as per ASTM D 6110 and ISO 179 (At -70°C to Room Tempearture)
    • Coefficient of friction test (Static and kinetic) as per ASTM D 1894
    • Dart impact for films as per IS:2508
    • Denier (Woven sacks) as per IS:14887
    • Density measurement as per ASTM D 792 & ISO:1183
    • Durometer hardness (Shore A & D) as per ASTM D 2240
    • Accelerated weathering using Xenon arc lamp (UVA - 330 to 340 nm) as per ASTM D 2565, ASTM D4459, ASTM DG155, ISO 4892, SAE J1885, SAE J1960 and Fluorescent lamp (UVB - 313 nm) as per ASTM D4329, D4587, ISO 4892, automobile and product specifications. (ATLAS Ci5000, QUV)
    • Low temperature Cabinet with humidity control (Programmable) Range:-70°C to 150°C.
    • Low temperature conditioning with humidity control (Programmable) Range:-20°C to 50°C.
    • Melt viscosity using rotational rheometer
    • Flow behaviour as a function of temperature & Shear rate
    • Visco - elastic behaviours of polymers at low and elevated temperature using Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)
    • Ash content using muffle furnace as per ASTM D 5630
    • Brookfield viscosity as per ASTM D789, D4878
    • Carbon black content & Carbon Black Dispersion as per ASTM D 1603, IS:2508, IS:4984, IS:7328 etc.
    • Effect on Water using AAS
    • Environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) as per ASTM D 1693 & ASTM D 2561
    • Filler identification using FTIR
    • Filler Content using TGA
    • Effect on water (AAS) as per IS:4985, IS:7834, etc.
    • Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy (FTIR): Identification of organic materials, Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of fillers & Additives
    • Gas chromatography: Analysis of volatile substances in gaseous phase
    • Gel Permeation Chromatography: Molecular weight distribution and poly dispersity index of Polymers at high temperature
    • Sterility test as per Indian Pharmacopeia
    • Endotoxin test as per Indian Pharmacopeia
    • Biodegradability test as per ASTM D 5338, ASTM D 6400, ISO 17088

    First NABL accredited Lab for testing Biodegradable properties

    Biodegradable setup with CHNSO analyzer and Gas Chromatography to evaluate/analyze the gas evolved during biodegradation of Polymers. It is first of its kind established with the support from UNIDO.


    The Plastics Processing Department of CIPET : IPT - Chennai is well equipped with both conventional as well as sophisticated microprocessor controlled plastics processing machineries & equipments and supports the Plastics Industries in terms of Manpower development, Technology Support Services & Research activities. The details of Machinery & Equipments available in processing department are as follows:

    • JSW, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, 75 T
    • JSW, All Electric, Automatic, 180 T
    • Engel, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, 80 T
    • Engel, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, 220 T
    • Electronica, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, 140 T
    • DGP Windsor, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, SUMO - 180 T
    • Ferromatic Milocran, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, Magna 275 T
    • Ferromatic Milocran, Microprocessor Controlled, Automatic, Omega - 350 T
    • Haurang - Two Color injection moulding machine Rotary Platen, Automatic, - 200 T
    • All Plas, Semi Automatic - 40 T
    • Tex-Air - Vertical - Automatic, JTS - 40
    • DGP Windsor, Automatic, ST 15
    • Dr. Collins, Multi-layer Blown Film Plant (ABC), 30, 20, 25 mm
    • Neo Plast - 28 mm - Pipe Extruder
    • Konark - Extrusion Blown Film Plant
    • TCM - Automatic Blow Moulding Machine with Parison Programing - 1 Lr.
    • Ahura - Blow Moulding Machine - 1/2 ltr.
    • Hand Blow Moulding machine
    • Hand Compression Moulding Machine
    • Nuchem - Semi-Automatic Compression Moulding Machine - 30 T
    • Rotomoulding Machine with Pulverizer - Vindo Rai
    • Semi-Automatic Thermoforming Machine - Eewa
    • Pad Printing Machine - Rita Pad
    • Hot Bag Sealing Machine - Eewa
    • MALIKSONS HSM High Speed - Delta Machine Craft
    • Mixer Machine - Delta Machine Craft
    • Hot Air Gun - Eewa
    • Eewa Hot Stamping Machine - Eewa
    • Eewa High Frequency Welding Machine - Eewa
    • Hot Plate Welding - Eewa

    Tool Room at the centre has a variety of sophisticated equipment to meet the industry and training needs. Some of the machinery available in our campus are:

    • CNC Universal Milling & Boring M/C
    • CNC Universal Lathe
    • CNC Milling
    • CNC Lathe
    • CNC-EDM
    • CNC Wire EDM
    • Jig Boring M/C
    • Vertical milling machine
    • Lathe Machine
    • Hydraulic Surface Grinder
    • Radial Drilling Machine
    • Universal milling (with DRO) 01 No.
    • CNC Surface Grinding
    • 3D Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine
    • Optical Profile Projector
    • Linear Height 2D Measurement

    The CAD/CAM/CAE centre has high end servers and desktop computers with relevant latest software to assist the students in designing. Some of the available softwares are:

    • CATIA
    • ANSYS
    • LS-DYNA

    The Library has a wide collection of about 16,000 documents including books, monographs, conference proceedings, standards, directories, project reports, videos, etc.. Subscription is made to E-Journal Packages recommended by AICTE. In addition to that, library also subscribes to 55 print International and national periodicals in the fields of Plastics Technology, Manufacturing Engineering and Science & Humanities. Digital library has 30 terminals and two servers which are connected with high speed 100 Mbps dedicated internet. Information is accessed by the user community through intranet as well as the internet. Digital Library has NPTEL Videos for the use of the patrons. Library renders Reference Service, Reprographic Service, Current Awareness Service and Referral Services. Library also renders service to the plastics industry to fulfill their specific information needs.


    Video Conference facility is available in the campus to facilitate remote learning. Whenever a subject expert visits other CIPET centres, expert lectures are delivered to the students at Chennai Campus through Video Conference. There are two numbers of Video Conference Rooms each with 60 seater capacity. Campus Interview is also facilitated through Video Conferencing Facility.

  •   HOSTEL

    For outstation students, hostel facilities are available separately for boys and girls near the campus. Power backup, Continuous water supply and round the clock security are available in the hostels.


    A modern air conditioned cafeteria with a seating capacity of 250 is available in the campus.


    A Doctor is available in the campus to attend to the urgent medical needs of the students and staff members.

  •   Wi-Fi CAMPUS

    Selected locations of the campus including hostel is provided with Wi-fi and students are utilizing the network connectivity effectively for their academic purposes.


    College Life is the most memorable and enjoyable period in every student's life. Our students are exposed to various technical and cultural events during their course tenure.

    "Fresher's Day" is observed during the first week of September every year in which senior students present a variety of cultural programs to the new entrants as a welcome to them and this also facilitates a good rapport between them.

    "TEPIC" - a national level technical symposium is organized every year which encompasses the technical events of the two departments in the campus, viz. "NEGIZHI" - Plastics Technology and "URUVAKKAM" - Manufacturing Engineering. This event is conducted in the month of September every year. Around 150 students from various colleges across the State participate in these events.

    Our students enthusiastically take part in the competitions at "TECHFEAST" - an exclusive technical event conducted for the students of the high learning centres of CIPET which is organized in commemoration with the International Conference of Advanced Polymeric Materials - an annual International Conference of CIPET.

    "Annual Sports Meet" is held in the month of March to bring out the hidden sport talent of the students. Many outdoor events like volley ball, throw ball, cricket, running, relay, long jump, shot put throw, discus throw, etc. are organized.

    "CIPOFEST" - the annual cultural fest is organized in the March every year. This is the inter-collegiate cultural event. Events like cooking, drawing, painting, music, dance, etc. find a place here.

    "Graduation Day" is conducted in the month of April/May for presenting degree to the graduands of UG and PG courses affiliated to Anna University.

    Students eagerly look forward for these events as it provides an opportunity for them to express their talents.

    Students also have the privilege of attending the Plastic Exhibitions like Plast India, Plastasia, Iplex, etc.

    IPI Student Chapter and Rotaract Club have been established for the benefit of the students. The NSS wing of the institute assists in the social activities of the students like blood donation camp, etc.

  •   SPORTS

    Annual Sports Meet is organized during March every year where students and staff take part in various events like running, long jump, shot put throw, throw ball, etc. Our students have excelled in regional sports activities and have brought laurels to the institution by bagging medals at Anna University's inter zonal and national level sports events.


    To inculcate the habit of service to society, blood camps are regularly organized in the campus and students are encouraged to donate blood to save lives. Awareness programs on fire fighting, etc. are also arranged for the benefit of the students.

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