In an effort to encourage research and development and nurture research activities, CIPET has created an outstanding research environment that results in providing a perfect ambience for the aspiring researchers to pursue their goal. The research centers of CIPET across the country boast of excellent infrastructure facilities on par with international standards that enable frontline researchers from around the world to actively execute their mission. Recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, CIPET has successfully accomplished many R & D projects in different disciplines in the field of Plastics Engineering & Technology. The strength of CIPET lies in its ability to build and nurture sophisticated research facilities in-house. Envisioned to be a Global R&D hub, CIPET has established two exclusive School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) at Chennai and Bhubaneswar. CIPET : School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) - ARSTPS, functioning at Chennai and CIPET : School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) - LARPM at Bhubaneswar, are the two world class School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) of CIPET, set up exclusively for initiating R & D in collaboration with the industry and the universities, both in India and abroad, to develop working Prototypes, to find Solutions to Engineering Problems, and to conduct Micro-analysis on behavior of Materials, Structures and Mechanical Systems.

CIPET : School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) - ARSTPS at Chennai focuses on Innovative Product Design for Automobile, Aerospace, Medical and Packaging Industries, product and Tool Design Conceptualization, E - Manufacturing of Prototypes, Rapid Prototyping for Lead Time Reduction, Reverse Engineering for Metal Substitution with Aesthetic and Ergonomic Approach.

CIPET : School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) - LARPM at Bhubaneswar concentrates on Bio polymers, E Waste Recycling, Polymer Composites & Nano composites, Characterization of Blends, Alloys, and Fuel Cells.

CIPET : School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) - APDDRL, Bangaluru - Bangaluru is emerging as a hub in engineering design, R&D and product development for a number of global players from various segments including automotive, telecom, infrastructure, wind energy, etc. During the last few years sprawling industrial activity have been witnessed in and around Bengaluru mainly due to good eco-system, enriched talent pool and growing number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This in turn necessitated the need to set-up polymer research laboratory with modern equipment at the hub to support the Researchers, Academia, Industries to conduct application oriented research in the niche areas of Advanced Polymer Design & Development. The newly developed laboratory, CIPET : SARP - APDDRL, can join hands with its trademark as School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) of CIPET to cater various research needs of industries and would provide great opportunity of using the facilities by the host laboratories, industries and academia.

The major objectives of the CIPET : SARP - APDDRL are to carryout Research & Development activities in the area of polymer testing and evaluation, product evaluation & commercialization along with facilitating research scholars and Scientists to pursue Research programs. The School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) Centre shall be multifunctional "One-stop" facility consisting of full-fledged materials characterization facility with broad specialization in product development and simulation. The centre shall coordinate and provide centralized support and service to various academia and industries for their research requirements.

The outcome of the research works carried out at School for Advanced Research in Polymers (SARP) has helped the Indian plastic industries to use the new generation polymeric materials and also to introduce newer plastic products in all the key sectors of Indian Economy. CIPET will continue to focus and develop newer materials & products, import substitution mainly aimed at reducing the cost and improving the cost to performance balance which can certainly benefit plastics and allied industries. Known for its accomplishments and path breaking innovations in the field of plastics, today CIPET is highly regarded as a research and development organization and continuously provides its expertise to solve some of the major issues faced by both the Government as well as the industry both within the country and across the globe. CIPET's expert scientists and engineers analyze the complex challenges with a combination of expertise, technology and innovation and successfully develop workable solutions. By actively conducting research activities and continuously formulating new scientific principles that can enable better usage of plastics both by the industry as well as the consumers, CIPET has made an indelible mark in the plastics industry across the world.

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