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Education Focused On New Opportunities & Solutions For The Future

CIPET enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest academic institute in the world, devoted to Plastic Engineering and Allied Industries. Our students are encouraged to think critically so that they recognize problems, formulate hypothesis and think out of the box to create solutions for the future. We take pride in the fact that more than 70,000 students are trained every year in various Ph.D., UG, PG, Diploma, Post Diploma, PG Diploma & Short Term Skill Training. 80% of our students are get placed and rest opt for higher studies or become Entrepreneur.

In line with industry needs, the curriculum is constantly updated in consultation with industry experts. The big differentiator in CIPET's path to learning is that we provide our students with hands-on exposure to work with wonder material that gives them a competitive edge which is welcomed by the industry. Our courses have varying degrees of entry qualification based on the specific course chosen

  • Long term professional skill development programs (Academic)
  • Short term vocational skill development programs


CIPET's national reputation and highly specialized industry partnerships along with global collaborations have enabled to attract top notch educators to the various centres under the CIPET umbrella. They lead seminars and publish in high impact research journals and are recognized leaders in their fields of specialization. Guided by such faculty, CIPET students are encouraged in active participation both in and beyond the classroom. The organization also includes research centres and facilities with support staff that focus on application oriented Research and Product Design & Development.


CIPET offers a comprehensive bouquet of academic programs. Besides regular full-time professional degree courses, we also offer tailor made technology updation programs to help technical personnel in different fields of Plastics and Allied industries. Our rural outreach programs open up new avenues of study and employment for the rural youth. Over the years more & more girl students are pursing various academic programs which is an encouraging sign.

The course curriculum is specially designed to help our students to get ahead in an increasingly competitive environment. It makes our students adapt easily to the needs of the Plastics conversion industry, Research & Development organizations. The teaching methodology includes classroom lectures, expert lectures through Video Conferencing, self-learning, assignments, projects, practical sessions and periodical evaluation.

The courses offered at CIPET Centres
CIPET has classified its centres into 3 categories on the basis of its infrastructure, location, industry participation and the activities & programs.

  • Institute of Petrochemicals Technology (IPT)
  • Centre for Skilling and Technical Support (CSTS)
  • School for Advanced Research in Petrochemicals (SARP)

The academic pursuits are categorized into the following four categories in accordance with the human resource requirement of Indian Polymer & allied industries.

  • Doctoral, Postgraduate & undergraduate Programs are high-ended Programs.
  • Conventional CIPET's Diploma, Post Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Programs.
  • Industry specific Programs.
  • Operator level Programs including non-conventional Programs.


Grooming of students through personality development, soft skill, industry internship enable them for a smooth transition from campus life to career and work environment. We are committed to assist in the career and professional development of each of our students. Our network of Industry partnerships and entrepreneur facilitation helps to connect students and employers, ultimately resulting in extremely good career placements.

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