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CIPET acts as a catalyst in accelerating growth dynamics in the field of plastics and brings up the innovative ideas to resolve the issues faced by the industries. CIPET's core researchers and specialists examine the intricate difficulties and introduce workable solutions.

Guest lectures, seminars, industrial visits etc are also conducted to ensure a firm foundation for corporate interface.

A portion of the key jobs are portrayed as follows:

  • CIPET has been playing an active role with the PlastIndia Foundation, the apex body for the plastic sector in the country, since 1989. As a founder member, CIPET holds a special position and duly represents in all the managing committee of PlastIndia foundation and participates in their global meet organized once in three years across the world. CIPET also plays an active role with various other plastic manufacturer's associations like TAPMA, GSPMA, IPF, AIPMA, etc. and also represents the RAC (Regional Advisory Committee) of respective bodies.

  • CIPET represents Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) and plays an active part in formulating Testing, Quality Control & Standardization in the development activities pertaining to plastic materials and products. CIPET also represents various Sectional Committees as well as Sub-committees of BIS, besides active participation in the meetings/deliberations pertaining to testing & quality assurance of plastic materials and products.

  • CIPET is a key member of the International Ring Test Committee for formulating an ISO Standard for testing of Biodegradability of plastics materials & products.

Prestigious Assignments offered to Top professionals from CIPET as follows:

  • Director General, CIPET is the Chairman for two important BIS Sectional Committees namely CED 50 (Plastics Piping System Sectional Committee) & PCD 12 (Plastics Sectional Committee).

  • Director General, CIPET has been nominated as a Member of Task Group comprising Members from Canada, USA, U.K. and Japan by ISO TC 61/WG-2 for "Terminology on Recycling".

  • CIPET's expertise as a third party inspection agency for plastics, Metals & allied products, has been recognized by various Central & State Govt. organizations for third party inspection. The inspection services have been accredited by NABCB as per ISO/IEC-17020 as a TYPE-A inspection body with a scope of around 38 products. CIPET undertakes the inspection services from all reputed industries across the country on behalf of various State & Central Govt. departments.

  • CIPET established the Polymer Data Services (PDS) Centre with motive of enhancing the growth of polymer industries by connecting the industries through database. The service of PDS includes Creation of Database, Techno-Economic Feasibility Report (TEFR), EDP / FDP Training Activity, organising National / International Conferences (APM), Seminars, Workshops & National Awards and support to R&D activity etc. Overall this PDS Centre will act as a nucleus in providing required inputs which will ultimately ensure the sustainable development of Petrochemicals upstream and downstream polymer processing and allied industries.

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