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CIPET : CSTS - PWMC - Guwahati was established in the year 2008 at P.O./Vill: Borgaon (Banglagarh), Hajo Circle, Guwahati and was inaugurated & dedicated to the nation on 22nd July 2010. This centre has been established with the objectives of: (a) protecting the environment by recycling plastics waste in the North-Eastern Region, (b) manpower development through training in the field of plastics recycling technology, (c) to promote cost effective recycled plastics material grades for variety end-use applications, (d) to create business and employment opportunities from waste to wealth concept in tackling the issue of plastics waste disposal and to act as a "Centre of Excellence" in Plastics Waste Management in the country.

The centre boosts of State-of-art automatic recycling plant where a universal mechanical recycling facility will handle all types and forms of plastics materials waste such as PE, PP, PSA, ABS, PET etc. and convert them into useful value added products. Plastics Scrap / Waste Collection are sourced from Scrap Dealers, NGOs by the involvement of strategic partners such as local entrepreneurs and the industry associations and the recycled granules and value added end products and bought back by these partners thereby making the project ultimately self-sustaining.

Details of the waste management project : For the waste recycling project two localities have been identified viz Sindorighopa & Banglagarh (from Railway Crossing Chowki Gate to CIPET : CSTS - PWMC - Guwahati). 520 Nos. of Plastics dustbins have been distributed, 2 each at every household. Villagers have been requested to store the plastics wastes in the dust bins provided to them. For this purpose, 4 local workers of the centre are engaged to collect the wastes from the individual houses. This way the village remains free from plastics wastes. The waste collected are used as raw material for the waste recycling plant at the centre. In addition, 10 nos. of professional Plastics waste collectors from Changsari area are also engaged for collection and supplying of Plastics Wastes to the centre.

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