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    All the classrooms are architecturally designed with optimal natural light and air circulation and equipped with LCD Projectors, Laptops and White Boards etc. to enable the faculty to teach in an innovative manner to make the student learn and understand the concepts of the subjects in a better way.


    The Design and CAD/CAM/CAE Laboratory of the centre is equipped with most advanced equipments / peripherals / software for imparting first hand knowledge on product and mould designing to the students.

    The CAD/CAM Lab caters to the following needs of the Plastics & Allied industries:

    • 3D solid modeling conversion (2D drawing to 3D models)
    • Plastics Product Design / Mould design
    • Data conversion
    • CNC part programme generation
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • CAD/CAM/CAE software Training
    • Auto CAD Software-2015
    • Unigraphics NX 7.5
    • CATIA V5 R-20
    • PRO-E CREO-2.0
    • ANSYS 16
    • Workstations - 80 Nos.
    • DELL Server System
    • A1 size color Plotter
    • Laser Printer

    The Testing Laboratory of the centre is fully devoted to render better services to the Plastics & its allied industries in Testing of plastic materials, Plastics Products & Quality Assurance.

    The Testing Laboratory is also accredited by NABL and recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) & National Accreditation Board for Certificate (NABCB).

    The Testing Laboratory is equipped with following most sophisticated and advanced machineries to impart practical knowledge to the students and render technical services to the industries:

    • Universal Testing Machine
    • Tensile Testing Machine
    • Izod / Charpy Impact Tester with Motorised Notch Cutter
    • Co - efficient of friction Tester
    • Abraser ( Taber ) Tester
    • Density Gradient Column
    • Rockwell Hardness Tester
    • Falling dart Impact tester for film
    • Impact tester for pipe
    • Burst strength tester for film
    • Deep Fridge
    • Cable duct friction test arrangements
    • Crush Resistance for Cable duct
    • Load Deformation Tester for Cable Duct
    • Flattening Test Apparatus
    • Opacity Tester
    • Shore A & D Hardness Tester
    • Environmental test chamber
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine (5 Stations) Water bath
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine (Long Term ) 6 Stations Water bath
    • Contour Cutter with Templates
    • Punching Press & Cutting dies
    • Muffle Furnace
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Melt flow Index Tester (Microprocessor Controlled)
    • HDT / VST Tester
    • HDT / VST apparatus (Microprocessor controlled)
    • Carbon Black Content Tester
    • Carbon Black dispersion
    • Oxygen Index Tester
    • Melting Point Apparatus
    • Water Bath
    • ESCR Test Apparatus
    • Weighing Balance (0-210gm, LC 0.1mg), (0.1mg-200gm, LC 0.1mg), (20gm-6Kgs, LC 1g)
    • Microscope (Magnification 40x, 100x, 200x)
    • Brookfield Viscometer
    • Low Temp Viscometric Bath
    • High Temp. Bath
    • Hot Plate
    • Magnetic Stirrer
    • Hakke Rheometer
    • Volume / Surface Resistivity Tester
    • pH Meter
    • Weighting Balance
    • Tear Tester for film
    • Two Roll Mill
    • Gas & Steam Permeability Tester
    • Hot stage Melting Point Apparatus
    • Dielectric Strength Tester
    • Transparency Tester
    • Vibration table
    • Drop impact Tester for Containers
    • DSC / TGA Equipment
    • Vacuum Oven
    • UV Accelerator Weatherometer
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

    Plastic Processing Department of CIPET : CSTS - Haldia is having wide range of practical Training environment in the form of conventional Processing machines / Micro-processor controlled machines.

    Apart from this Training activities, the Processing department is also undertaking mould proving works and mould job works. The processing lab also renders the following Technical services to the Industries:

    • Moulding of Plastic Product and proving of Moulds
    • Tailor made / Modular Training programs as per the need of the Plastic Industries & DICs
    • Awareness / orientation and Entrepreneurship Development Programe (EDP) on Plastics
    • Consultancy services to the Plastics Industry on improvement of productivity
    • Consultancy services for new Entrepreneurs to set up Plastics Processing Industries
    • Hand injection Moulding M/c, 0.5 Oz
    • Hand injection Moulding M/c, 1.0 Oz - 2 nos.
    • Hand injection Moulding M/c, 1.5 Oz - 2 nos.
    • Hand injection Moulding M/c, 2.0 Oz
    • Hand Blow Moulding M/c, 0.5 Oz
    • Hand Blow Moulding M/c, 1.0 Oz - 2 nos.
    • Hand Blow Moulding M/c, 2.0 Oz - 2 nos.
    • Hand Blow Moulding M/c, 2.5 Oz - 2 nos.
    • Hand Compression Moulding M/c, 30 Ton
    • Auto Compression Moulding M/c, 30 Ton
    • Automatic Injection Moulding M/c, 180 Ton
    • Automatic Injection Moulding M/c, 80 Ton
    • Automatic Injection Moulding M/c, 40 Ton
    • Automatic Injection Moulding M/c(Vertical), 30 Ton
    • Semi-auto Injection Moulding M/c(Vertical), 30 Ton
    • Automatic Blown Film Plant(25kgs/hr.), 45mm
    • Scrap Grinder(old), 25 Kg/Hr
    • Heat Sealing Machine, 24 Inches
    • Ultrasonic Plastic Welding M/c, 36 KHz
    • Pad Printing Machine, 1400 Stroke/Hr
    • Rigid PVC Pipe Extrusion Plant (50kg/hr.), 65mm Screw
    • Hydraulic Trainer
    • High Frequency Welding M/c, 1.2KW/16"
    • Vacuum Forming Machine, 4mm Thick Sheet
    • High speed Mixture, 750 RPM
    • Automatic Air Compressor, 250ltr
    • Hot Air Oven, 2"X2"X2"
    • Weighing Machine, 75 kg
    • Gantry Crane, 2 ton
    • Hot Air Drier, 2 kg/Hr
    • Hydraulic Trolley, 1 ton
    • Water Pump, 5 HP
    • Pre-Drying Oven, 6.18Kw
    • Extruder & Pelletizing Set Up (40Kgs/hr.), 15HP
    • Color Blender, 50KG/HR
    • Cooling Tower (FRP), 30 T
    • Automatic Blow Moulding M/c, 2 Ltr
    • Compression Moulding Press, 60 Ton
    • Rotational Moulding M/c, 1 ltrs container
    • Automatic Injection, 260 Tones
    • Micro Process controlled Auto injection Moulding Machine, 250 Tones
    • Mould Temp. controller, Upto 150 C
    • Cooling Tower(FRP), 500 ltr capacity
    • Multicolor Injection Moulding M/C, 350 Ton
    • Auto. injecion Moulding M/C, 275 Ton
    • All electric injection Moulding M/C, 180 Ton
    • Thermoforming Machine, 350mmx450mm pvc
    • Chiller, 10ltrs capacity
    • High Frequency Welding M/C, 35 Hz/sec pvc sheet
    • Hot Air Gun Marks 1, 300 (30 Mbar) Pa
    • Welding Mirror 6-6 Diametre plastics

    The Tool Room is equipped with CNC & conventional Lathe Machines. These are used for imparting practical Training to the students and manufacturing of moulds & machining job orders.

    • Lathe
    • High Speed Centre Lathe
    • Turret ram Type Vertical Milling
    • Vertical Milling
    • Universal Milling
    • Pantograph 3d Engraving / Milling Machine
    • Surface Grinding Machine
    • Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine
    • Cylindrical Grinding Machine
    • Pedestrian Grinding Machine
    • Single Lip Cutter Grinder
    • Bench Drill Machine
    • Pillar Drilling Machine
    • Radial Drilling Machine

    The centre has distinct laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Electronics to enable the students to effectively carry out the practicals under the expert guidance of the faculty. The students are taught to handle scientific apparatus and chemicals with extreme care.


    CIPET has a spacious and RFID equipped modern library with a rich collection of about 4000 volumes of books, periodicals, reports and reference material for the benefit of the students to enhance their knowledge.

    Digital Library is also available & it helps the students to have access to the digital information resources.


    Video Conferencing facility has been provided at CIPET : CSTS - Haldia to enable participation and exchange of information during scientific / technical conferences / seminars / invited lectures / faculty meet etc.

  •   HOSTEL

    In order to accommodate outstation students, an exclusive hostel for boys has been functioning at CIPET : CSTS - Haldia. The self-contained hostel provides many amenities such as internet room, reading room, indoor games, gym a lounge and a dining hall besides an uninterrupted supply of regular water and purified drinking water. A medical officer is also attached to the hostel to provide emergency medical care.


    A centralized cafeteria with ample seating space has been functioning at CIPET : CSTS - Haldia catering to the food needs of the students providing variety of nutritious delicious and snacks / Tea / Coffee.

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