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    CIPET : CSTS - Agartala is well equipped with the latest sophisticated modern plant and machinery for Design, Development of Dies and Tools, Plastics Processing, Testing and evaluation of plastics products and CAD/CAM/CAE facilities. The facilities are mentioned herein under:


    • Universal Milling machine
    • Vertical Milling Machine
    • Power Hacksaw
    • Conventional Lathe Machine
    • Cylindrical grinding Machine
    • Pentograph Engraving Machine
    • Tool & Cutter Grinder
    • Pedastal Grinding machine
    • Pillar Drilling machine
    • Radial Drilling Machine
    • CNC Lathe Machine
    • CNC Milling Machine
    • CNC EDM Machine
    • CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine
    • Shaping machine
    • Surface Grinding Machine


    • Semi Automatic vertical Injection moulding Machine
    • Hand Operated Injection Moulding Machine
    • Hand Operated Blow moulding machine
    • Semi Automatic Horizontal Injection moulding Machine
    • Recycling Extruder with Pelletizing Machine
    • RPVC Pipe Extruder (Single screw with Post Extrusion) Equipment
    • Hydraulic Compression Moulding Press - 30-40 Tonnes
    • Fully Automatic Injection Moulding Machine
    • Micro Processor Based Injection Moulding Machine
    • Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine
    • Single Layer Film Extruder
    • Hydraulic Compression Moulding Press
    • Pad Printing Machine
    • Film Cutting and Ceiling Machine
    • Ultrasonic Weld Equipment
    • Hot Plate Welding Equipment
    • Color Blender
    • High Speed Mixture
    • Pneumatic Trainer Kit
    • Hydraulic Trainer
    • Weighing Balance Machine
    • Pipe Joining
    • Scrap Grinder


    • Muffle furnace (upto 1200°C)
    • HDT/VST apparatus
    • Falling weight dart impact tester for film
    • Falling weight impact tester for pipe
    • Shore A & Shore D hardness tester
    • Rockwell Hardness Tester
    • Hydraulic Press (cutting) - 30 tonnes
    • Dielectric strength apparatus
    • Universal Testing Machine (10 Tons)
    • Comparative Tracking Index
    • Haze/Clarity Meter
    • Opacity Tester
    • Melt flow indexer
    • Flammability Tester
    • ESCR Apparatus
    • Carbon Black Content apparatus
    • Gas Chromatographer
    • Thermo Gravimetric Analysis apparatus
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
    • Differential Scanning Calorimetry


    • Catia
    • Unigraphaphics
    • Ansys
    • Pro-E
    • Master-Cam
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