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All the classrooms are architecturally designed with optimal natural light and air circulation and equipped with LCD Projectors, Laptops and White Boards etc. to enable the faculty to teach in an innovative manner to make the student learn and understand the concepts of the subjects in a better way.


Plastics processing department has broad range of practical training facilities in the form of conventional processing machines as well as modern micro processor controlled processing machines. In addition to the training activities, the processing department is also undertaking mould proving and moulding job works. The following customer services are provided by the processing department:



Video Conferencing facility has been provided at CIPET : CSTS - PWMC - Guwahati to enable participation and exchange of information during scientific/ technical conferences/seminars / invited lectures /faculty meet etc.


A centralized cafeteria with ample seating space has been functioning at CIPET : CSTS - PWMC - Guwahati catering to the food needs of the students providing variety of nutritious delicious and snacks / Tea/ Coffee keeping hygiene on forefront.


CIPET : CSTS - PWMC - Guwahati provides both outdoor and indoor sports facilities at its centres. CIPET : CSTS - PWMC - Guwahati has vast playgrounds that are suitable for playing cricket, football, Volleyball and athletics. Besides it has excellent facilities for indoor games like chess, carom and table-tennis. CIPET organizes sports meets on regular basis and encourages the students to take part in various competitions.


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